USMC CRTF Rescued Injured Operator from Libya

USMC CRTF Rescued Injured Operator from Libya
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The Marine Corps' crisis response task force for Africa was called upon to evacuate an injured special operations troop from Libya in a quiet mission never previously made public, the commander of the task force said.

The crisis response force, which includes some 800 Marines, including a reinforced infantry company, is capable of executing tactical recovery of aircraft and personnel (TRAP) missions, as well as embassy evacuation and reinforcement, and other quick-response efforts on the African continent.

During a six-month rotational deployment last year, which wrapped up as U.S. forces began conducting airstrikes on Islamic State targets in Sirte, Libya, at the behest of the country's government, the task force received a call to conduct the rescue, said Col. Martin Wetterauer, commander of the 8th Marine Regiment.

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