Doing Better at Teaching Army Doctrine

Doing Better at Teaching Army Doctrine
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As historian Hew Strachan states in The Direction of War, “Operational thinking finds its intellectual focus in doctrine.” Doctrine drives how leaders think and fight. But when the Army publishes new doctrine, as an institution we owe it to ourselves to do a better job informing, then educating, the Total Army force.

Doctrine is our institutional center-point. It gives us a common point-of-departure when the scenario at hand demands a non-doctrinal solution. Deviating from doctrine, however, without first collectively understanding what it says, will result in increased confusion, unintended friction, and increased risk to friendly forces.

Heard About the New 3-0?

In November, the Army published its latest versions of Army Doctrine Publication (ADP) and Army Doctrine Reference Publication (ADRP) 3-0, titled Operations. This is one of the two capstone doctrinal publications for our service, the other being ADP 1, The Army. These manuals serve as a common operational concept to drive how the Army, as part of a joint military effort, conducts military operations. . .

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