U.S. Senate Hearings on Suspected Russian Hacking

U.S. Senate Hearings on Suspected Russian Hacking
AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee is to hold a briefing Thursday for members to learn more about the Obama administration's response to suspected Russian interference in the 2016 election and harassment of American diplomats.

Committee chairman Senator John McCain on Wednesday called the Russian interference "an act of war." U.S. intelligence officials, including national intelligence director James Clapper, are expected to testify.

"If you try to destroy the fundamentals of democracy, then you have destroyed a nation," McCain told reporters on Capitol Hill. "And by the way, there are various gradients of acts of war. I'm not saying it's an atomic attack. I'm just saying that when you attack a nation's fundamental structure, which they are doing, then it's an act of war."

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