THAAD, China, and Korea

THAAD, China, and Korea
U.S. Force Korea via AP

The Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system (THAAD) is developed by Lockheed Martin Corp. of the U.S. "to destroy short-and-medium-ranged ballistic missiles at high altitudes in their ‘terminal' phase, as they descend."THAAD missiles are different from conventional defense missiles in that the latter are designed to get close to a target and self-detonate to damage or deflect the threat. THAAD missiles rely on "infra-red seeker technology to locate and hit the target head on."

Some question whether THAAD will work in mountainous Korean landscape. My guess is that military personnel would not deploy them if they believe that THAAD missiles would not work.

It is important to note that THAAD missiles do not carry warheads, meaning that they are purely defensive weapons.Besides, THAAD in South Korea cannot even shoot down Chinese missiles that are flying to the U.S. mainland, because THAAD missiles are designed to hit descending missiles, not ascending missiles. If they cannot threaten China or Chinese missiles targeting the U.S. mainland, why are Chinese leaders so worried about them? Chinese leaders are incredibly small-minded and short-sighted.

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