FP The E.R. - Entering into the Era of the Unknown


On this week’s episode of The E.R., David Rothkopf, Kori Schake, Julia Ioffe, and David Sanger envision a world where Donald Trump’s foreign policy emboldens Russia, China, and other wannabe world superpowers. It’s not fantasy.

Trump’s affection toward Putin is no secret. But now that he is actually the president-elect of the United States — and continues to flaunt his fondness of Russia’s autocrat — how much damage could this actually do to our standing on the international stage, our reputation, and our relationships with allies? Like most of Trump’s rhetoric, his stances on foreign policy could very likely change overnight, so it is almost impossible to know how exactly this will all play out.

The E.R. team takes listeners on a tour through the Middle East, Asia, and Europe, and asks how the incoming administration’s strategy (or lack thereof) will affect not only U.S. foreign policy but also that of allies and partners. Europe, it seems, is heading toward a path of self-destruction; China is showing the first rumblings of taking advantage of an inexperienced president; and the Middle East is torn over whether Trump’s policies will benefit or keep them at a disadvantage.

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