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This week listen to CNA analyst Dr. William Rosenau discuss Latin American security with CNA’s Dr. Ralph Espach and guest scholar Dr. Joseph Tulchin. The three experts talk about the United States’ bilateral relationships with Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba; the domestic situation in Venezuela; Cuba and regional security; Central America; post-FARC Colombia; and environmental security.


Dr. William Rosenau, host of this episode, is a senior research scientist at CNA. He has over 25 years of experience in defense analysis and is an expert on political extremism, propaganda and political warfare, counterterrorism, and policy history.

Dr. Ralph Espach is director of Latin American Strategic Affairs at CNA. He is an expert in U.S.-Latin America security relations, climate change and security, and security cooperation monitoring and assessment. His 2016 book, “The Dilemma of Lawlessness” from the Marine Corps University Press, examines the effects of organized crime in Guatemalan border communities. His research focus is on Central America, Brazil, Colombia, and maritime security.

Dr. Joseph S. Tulchin is a scholar of Latin American affairs with published research on hemispheric relations, citizen security and the governance of cities. His latest book, Latin America in International Politics: Challenging US Hegemony, was published last year by Lynne Rienner Publishers.

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