Underwater Drone Launches Mini-Drones

Underwater Drone Launches Mini-Drones
AP Photo/U.S. Navy, Specialist 1st Class Peter D. Blair, File

An autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) has successfully launched multiple micro-AUVs (M-UAV) during a Navy demonstration. A General Dynamics Bluefin-21 launched several Bluefin SandShark M-UAVs at the Navy-sponsored 2016 Annual Naval Technology Exercise (ANTX) in Newport, Rhode Island. "The Bluefin SandShark M-AUVs surfaced and functioned independent of the heavyweight-class Bluefin-21," a General Dynamics announcement said. "In one mission scenario, the Bluefin-21 simulated data collection and transfer of target imagery and other information to two Bluefin SandSharks. Those Bluefin SandSharks then surfaced to communicate with a Blackwing unmanned aerial vehicle. The Blackwing relayed the information back to a submarine combat control system ashore for decision-making authority and subsequent command of Bluefin SandShark M-AUVs."

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