Vladimir Putin’s Newest Export: Terrorists

Vladimir Putin’s Newest Export: Terrorists
AP Photo/Emrah Gurel, File

ISIS is full of Russian speakers from Chechnya and other Caucasus republics, and the ‘stans.' One is suspected of the NYE shooting in Istanbul. 

New details about the suspect in the New Year's attack in Istanbul emerged on Wednesday, according to the Turkey's Anodolu Agency. Officials say they have identified the man, but have not released his name.

Police raided four addresses in the Turkish city of Izmir—about a seven-hour drive west from Konya, where the attacker was thought to have lived in the weeks before the attack—and arrested 11 women and nine men, the state-run news agency reported, citing an anonymous official. Those arrested were reportedly from Dagestan, eastern Turkestan, and Kyrgyzstan.

They also confiscated 41 fake passports from an assortment of countries, 15 fake Turkish identity documents, and a GPS device that police said was used by ISIS militants in conflict areas. Based on photographs, the forged identity documents seem to represent a variety of Central Asian republics, including Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, as well as Azerbaijan.

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