Trump’s Defense Budget Doesn’t Add Up

Trump’s Defense Budget Doesn’t Add Up
AP Photo/Steve Helber

Mark Cancian, senior adviser to the CSIS International Security Program and a former division chief at the Office of Management and Budget, said "it took about half a day to figure out where the $54 billion came from. After half a day, it became clear that they were measuring from the budget control caps, so it's really an increase from a decrease."

President Barack Obama signed the Budget Control Act in 2011, which capped federal spending until 2021. The legislation is a result of a compromise between Democrats and Republicans, and says that defense programs can't grow without comparable investment in domestic social programs.

Proponents say these caps have become a significant impediment to expand military spending and have brought down defense expenditures in recent years. Opponents say the caps have led to dangerous personnel and equipment shortfalls and are asking Congress to repeal the limits on defense spending.

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