Navy Test Fires New SM-6 Variant

Navy Test Fires New SM-6 Variant
U.S. Navy

The Navy is preparing an emerging Standard Missile 6 missile variant for combat by test-firing the weapon engineered with upgraded software - enabling it to perform a range of functions to inlcude air-warfare, ballistic missile terminal defense and anti-surface warfare capabilities, service officials said. 

The Navy successfully executed four flight tests of the surface-to-air Standard Missile-6 Block I (SM-6 Blk I) off the Hawaiian coast between April 6 and 13. The test mark a key step along the way to delivering a combat-ready weapon to Navy ships.

"I'm very proud of my team for the seamless planning and execution of these flight tests, which are the culmination of disciplined systems engineering efforts.  These latest flight test successes demonstrate once again the versatile capability of SM-6 Blk I," Capt. Michael Ladner, major program manager for Surface Ship Weapons, Program Executive Office for Integrated Warfare Systems, said in a written statement from Naval Sea Systems Command. 

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