China Launches Fifth LPD for PLAN

China Launches Fifth LPD for PLAN
Photo Courtesy Flicker - Kees Torn

China's fifth Yuzhao-class (Type 071) landing platform dock (LPD) vessel was launched on 15 June at the Hudong-Zhonghua shipyard in Shanghai. Fitting out and sea trials of the previous ship took 12 months: an indication that the newest vessel of the class is likely to enter service in about June 2018.

The Type 071 LPDs are 210 m long and displace more than 20,000 tonnes. Equipped with a hangar that can accommodate up to four medium-lift helicopters, such as the Harbin Z-8, they can also fit four Yuyi-class (Type 726) air-cushioned landing craft in the well deck. For amphibious operations the Type 071 LPDs are likely to embark between 600 and 800 troops.

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