U.S. Freezes Military Aid to Chaotic Libya

U.S. Freezes Military Aid to Chaotic Libya
AP Photo/Mohammed el-Shaiky

Guns and bullets to train two companies of Libyan soldiers are gathering dust in a German warehouse as the Donald Trump administration holds off on delivering the weapons to the violence-plagued North African country.

The Defense and State departments previously authorized some $23 million to train and equip Libyan special operations forces and secure the country's vast borders, under a 6-year-old plan to carry out security and counterterrorism training and rule of law programs in a handful of vulnerable countries. Expenditures under the Barack Obama-era Global Security Contingency Fund, however, have been frozen since mid-2016, according to congressional notifications reviewed by Al-Monitor, with just $220,000 out of $15 million in border security funding obligated.

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