Hypersonic Weapons Pose Real 'Challenge' to World Peace, Says Expert

Hypersonic Weapons Pose Real 'Challenge' to World Peace, Says Expert
AP Photo/ Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, File

The imminent deployment of nuclear-capable hypersonic weapons capable of travelling at speeds in excess of 20,000mph will present major arms control “challenges” as the world moves further into the 21st century, a defence expert has said.

The dangers posed by such cutting edge armaments were highlighted after President Vladimir Putin said Russia had successfully tested its Avangard missile at 20,700mph (33,313kph) making it invulnerable to any form of attack. The issue was also referred to in by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in the think tank's Strategic Survey 2018, edited by Dr Nicholas Redman and published in November. A hypersonic missile travelling at the speed Putin claimed (NASA classifies hypersonic as anything from Mach 10 to Mach 25) would be capable of travelling from Moscow to London – more than 1,500 miles away – in less than five minutes.

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