Russia Developing 4,500 Kilometer Kalibr-M Range LACM

Russia Developing 4,500 Kilometer Kalibr-M Range LACM
Russian Defense Ministry Press Service via AP

On Tuesday, Russia's state-run TASS news agency reported that Moscow is undertaking the development of a new extended-range variant of its subsonic Kalibr (3M14) land-attack cruise missile. Citing a defense industry source, TASS revealed the existence of a Kalibr-M project.

This new missile is slated to be larger than the existing ship-launched Kalibr missile, which is thought to have a range capability of approximately 2,350 kilometers. The new Kalibr-M will reportedly have a range of 4,500 km and will be deployed on Russian Navy warships.

The development of the Kalibr-M is presently at an early stage, the source noted. It is likely to be deployed in the late-2020s.

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