U.S. & China Escalate Cyber War

U.S. & China Escalate Cyber War
Cyberwarfare Specialists

Militarization of Cyberspace: Is the US acquiescing to the Beijing Cyber Consensus?

Since taking power, the Trump administration has taken several steps to militarize cyberspace. The administration's actions appear to be broadcasting a single very straight forward message: The United States will have the largest stick, and we are unconcerned with how others wield theirs.

The hollowing out of the United States' diplomatic and global influence on the spirit of the Internet started with the remodeling of the State department under Secretary Tillerson. The loss of Chris Painter without a successor ever being named greatly undermined America's ability to adequately prepare for, or succeed in, discussions in such forums as the UN-GGE on cyber or the ITU where Russia and China both have a very large and organized presence focusing on a specific Orwellian view of how information technology can be used to enhance government power.

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