Exploiting Civilians for the Future Operating Environment

The Royal Signals Institution (RSI) sponsors the annual Deane-Drummond Prize Essay competition; a competition which is open to entry by serving regular and reserve Royal Signals officers and soldiers.  The WR is privileged to publish this year's winning essay:  ‘In an age of ever increasing technological complexity how should the Royal Signals define, employ and remunerate specialists?'

Sherlock Holmes once described his older Brother; “all other men are specialists, but his specialism, is omniscience 1. He was speaking of a man envisioned as the ultimate generalist-specialist, a human computer with unmatched expertise.  In an age which has seen Moore's Law repeatedly come to fruition Mycroft Holmes is the business consultant's panacea.  Regrettably, he remains a work of fiction.  Until individuals exist which can provide a catch all solution to competition between depth of knowledge and adaptability the generalist-specialist debate continues.

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