The Defector…Russian Spy-Whale Comes In From the Cold

Two weeks ago, on 26 April, a Beluga Whale surprised fishermen in the Arctic waters off the northern coast of Norway. Worried about it damaging nets and tackle, they kept an eye on the toothed whale as it pulled at straps and fittings around their boats. Then they spotted the tightly fitted harness around its neck. Seeing that the animal was tame and accustomed to being near humans, a fisherman entered the freezing water and managed to remove the harness. It was stamped: “Equipment St. Petersburg.”

What was a Russian white whale doing in Norwegian waters? Ivan Whale offered only a few clicks and whistles when interrogated, and Norwegian authorities and fishermen had no choice but to send him on his way – after a hearty fish lunch. So we'll have to guess who might have sent him into Norwegian territorial waters and why they did it.

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