Russia’s Swarms of Lethal ‘Jihadi-Style’ Drones

Russia’s Swarms of Lethal ‘Jihadi-Style’ Drones
AP Photo/Sergei Grits

In May, I reported that the Iranian-backed terrorist group Palestinian Islamic Jihad had released a video purporting to show an IED being dropped from a small drone onto Israeli tanks on the Gaza border. The terrorist threat from drones is a serious concern to authorities around the world, with the vulnerability of aircraft and crowded spaces a particular cause for concern.

Now, Russia's military has decided to get in on the act, taking a lesson from the militants it has also faced in the Middle East, arming its own miniature (read domestic-sized) drones as a new battlefield tactic. A spokesperson for the Defense Ministry told Izvestia that it is exploring the use of such drones to deliver lethal payloads.

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