Roll for Initiative: NATO’s Navies Need a Wargaming Series

The conventional wisdom in Washington is that winning a war in Europe is largely about landpower, not seapower. The U.S. Navy has little to contribute, so the thinking goes, since combat with Russia, should it occur, will mostly be land-based. Since the Russian annexation of the Crimea in 2014, however, the Navy has stepped up existing efforts to play a more prominent role in European security. This has included using a portion of the USS Harry S. Truman's 2018 deployment to push above the Arctic Circle off the Norwegian coast, sending thousands of marines and sailors to exercise Trident Juncture in Norway in fall 2018, and deploying the recently re-established Norfolk, Virginia-based Second Fleet to lead this year's Baltic Operations (BALTOPS). In the event of conflict with Russia, NATO navies will likely need to transport troops and equipment; provide fires in sup

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