Stealth Bombers and the Indo-Pacific

In order to better address the challenges that a hypothetical large-scale armed confrontation with the People's Republic of China would pose, the United States is actively bolstering its own military strength. This includes enhancing the capabilities of its B-2 stealth bomber force. The unique combination of long-range, persistence, large payload, and broadband, all-aspect low-observability makes the USAF's stealth bomber force not only an indispensable asset in the event of conflict, but also an indispensable element of the country's conventional and nuclear deterrent. The ongoing and planned upgrades to the B-2 force, the future introduction of the B-21, and the establishment of additional bomber forward operating locations in the Indo-Pacific region will ensure a much more flexible and robust conventional and nuclear deterrence posture vis-a-vis an increasingly powerful China.

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