Army Seeks 2,000 New Air Dropped Fast-Attack Vehicles

Army Seeks 2,000 New Air Dropped Fast-Attack Vehicles
U.S. Army photo by SGT Henry Villarama

(Washington, D.C.) If a large mechanized unit of armored ground forces were “closing” with an enemy amid heavy artillery and cannon fire - but did not have overhead aircraft or satellite surveillance while transiting rigorous terrain - how could they fully discern the source of incoming fire? How might they pursue the safest and most lethal method of attack?

This kind of scenario represents one of many contingencies now informing the Army's development of a new Infantry Squad Vehicle (ISV), a super high-speed, maneuverable lightweight vehicle being engineered to perform a wide sphere of combat missions; these include high-speed straight-on attacks, forward operating reconnaissance or scout units, coordinated air-dropped ground assault and multiple entry point integrated operations.

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