The Marines Need a New Headquarters

America's 9-1-1 force is not ready to receive the call. The last and current commandants of the Marine Corps have made this fact clear in public statements and official documents. And both expressed their desire to fix this major national security issue, with the current commandant going so far as to explain that he is willing to kill the Corps' “sacred cows” to do so. Unfortunately, redesigning the Corps is not enough, even if some blessed bovines are beheaded along the way. Setting the Marine Corps back on the right path first requires fixing the structural ways in which the service's decisions are made and implemented within Headquarters Marine Corps. Without addressing the major imbalances that have led to the service “not [being] organized, trained, equipped, or postured to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving future operating environment,” future commandants will likely find themselves in the same predicaments again and again.

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