How Grunts and Coders Can Coexist

How Grunts and Coders Can Coexist
U.S. Marine Corps illustration by Jennifer Sevier

Is the United States Marine Corps creating a cultural clash for itself? Born in famed battles, passed through internal indoctrination, and cemented by the perception of a group set apart from its sister services, the mythos of “the few, the proud, the Marines” is a bedrock notion of America's understanding of the Corps and the Corps' understanding of itself. Aaron O'Connell, a Marine himself, emphasizes in his book Underdogs the Corps' purposefully developed view of self. “Marine culture may not have been entirely unique or exceptional, but it was so to (the Corps). . . . This exceptionalism, with its attendant sentiments of insularity and mistrust of outsiders, was the first principle of Marine Corps culture.”

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