China Is Still Wary of Invading Taiwan

China Is Still Wary of Invading Taiwan
U.S. Marine Corps photo by LCpl J.J. Harper

U.S.-China relations have never been worse. Verbal sparring between a Trump administration determined to find someone to blame for the pandemic and China's aggressive diplomats pushing conspiracy theories has exacerbated tensions and overshadowed previous pandemic cooperation, including donations of tons of equipment and antiviral medicines to Wuhan and Chinese exports of personal protective equipment to major U.S. cities. With bilateral trade crashing, diplomatic relations at their worst, and a politically divided United States fighting an epidemic, this seems like an opportune time for Chinese President Xi Jinping to achieve a critical element of his “China Dream” and call on the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to force Taiwan to unify with the People's Republic. But despite a recent outbreak of jingoistic language, the chances of China's military crossing the Taiwan Strait to subdue the self-governing island still remain small.

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