We Must Constrain Iran’s Access to Weapons

We Must Constrain Iran’s Access to Weapons
U.S. Air Force/RAND

Iran is now an aggressive threat to global health. Whether you agree with President Trump's Iran policy of maximum pressure in general, or the State Department's argument that the United Nations arms embargo against Iran should not be allowed to expire in October, the administration's treatment of Iran as a dangerous and irresponsible international player just gained a strong, new argument. 

In October, United Nations Security Council members will decide whether to allow the ongoing arms embargo to expire, which would allow Iran to purchase conventional weapons, presumably from Russia and China, and to modernize its forces with more advanced weapons systems. Both Russia and China likely will veto an extension. The votes of other council members are less clear, and presumably the State Department is working to secure all the votes it can. In the meantime, many, including our European allies, argue that the U.S., having departed the Iran nuclear accord known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), has forfeited its right to “snap back” all U.N sanctions if members do not renew.  

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