Fueling Innovation and the Air Force’s Blunt Layer

Fueling Innovation and the Air Force’s Blunt Layer
(AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Is it time for the Air Force to change faster or face defeat in wartime? That’s exactly what the service’s new chief of staff, Gen. Charles Brown, thinks. Indeed, that sentiment is captured in the title of a new paper he released. In it he highlights what some of us already know: “Many of the requirements for capabilities that have underpinned our success were developed in the decade [when] today’s most senior leaders joined our Air Force,” and while much has changed in the world, the Air Force remains largely unchanged. He asserts, “Urgent actions are required now to secure the U.S. Air Force’s continued ability to deliver global effects on strategically-relevant timelines” by reframing means-based platform-centric debates to instead focus on effects and desired ends.

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