F-15EX is Battle Tested, Battle Ready

We live in uncertain times. In addition to a global pandemic and civil unrest within our borders, there are various mounting adversarial threats abroad.  Superpowers like China and Russia are investing huge sums in their military while conducting threatening exercises in neighboring regions of critical interest to the United States. Our country has always invested in advanced technology weapon systems for defense to ensure a level of deterrence, and today is no different.

A necessary component of military readiness is mission effective aircraft and trained personnel to fly and maintain them. An ongoing concern for our military has been an aging fighter fleet. As military leaders look to the next generation of air dominance, a key player will be the F-15EX. I’m a former F-15 operations analyst with McDonnell Douglas. I’ve followed its effectiveness in a variety of conflicts and can say that the government is getting a proven airframe with a new set of advanced technologies that make the F-15EX a critical asset to meet our future threats. 

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