Teaching Technology, Innovation, and Modern War at Stanford, Part 6

Today’s topic was military applications of cyber.

Some of the readings for this week’s included “Summary of the Department of Defense Cyber Strategy,” “How to Compete in Cyberspace,” “Defense Primer: Cyberspace Operations,” “Commodification of Cyber Capabilities: A Grand Cyber Arms Bazaar,” and “Divided by a Common Language: Cyber Definitions in Chinese, Russian and English.”

Our guest speaker was Sumit Agarwal, former deputy assistant secretary of defense and DoD senior advisor for cyber innovation. Out of MIT, Sumit joined the US Air Force and was one of the first officers in network warfare. He’s spent almost twenty years in the National Guard. But in the private sector he’s done a number of amazing things: he headed up mobile at Google, then went back into the Pentagon where he was the youngest deputy assistant secretary of defense ever in the Pentagon. Then most recently, he cofounded Shape Security, one of the leading cybersecurity companies in the country. Earlier this year, Shape Security was sold to F5 for over a billion dollars.

I’ve extracted and paraphrased a few of Sumit’s key insights and urge you to read the entire transcript here and watch the video.

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