It’s the Navy’s World Now: Preserving the Right Army Force Structure

The People’s Liberation Army Navy is rapidly growing in size, capability, and demonstrated aggression—with no apparent signs of slowing down. China’s continuous construction of Type 052D destroyers, Type 055 cruisersa third aircraft carrier, and several more frigates—combined with increasingly aggressive maneuvers meant to intimidate its neighbors—increases the challenge for the US Navy to effectively respond in a geopolitical crisis with China in the Indo-Pacific. Meanwhile in the United States, a ballooning national debt, exacerbated by an uncontrolled pandemic, threatens to flatten, if not decrease, the US military budget in the years to come. With China as the 2018 National Defense Strategy’s pacing threat and the Indo-Pacific region as the corresponding theater of operations, analysts—and even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff—have acknowledged that the Army must be prepared to adapt to a supporting role to the Navy’s strategic primacy in the years to come. 

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