Balancing C2 Resilience

Executive Summary

Resilience, efficiency, effectiveness:  all are commonly used, and arguably well understood, terms. However, in the context of command and control (C2), the use of such terms becomes more abstract, because C2 is a socio-technical system, encompassing people, processes, structures and technology.  The interpretation of resilience, efficiency and effectiveness, in the context of such a system is therefore less easily understood than a purely technical system.

This article aims to support a more explicit understanding of the relationship between resilience, efficiency and effectiveness, in the context of C2.  It does so through introducing the concept of ‘Balanced C2’; the need to balance C2 resilience with C2 efficiency whilst striving for the most effective C2 in a given operational context.  The key argument here, is that achieving some level of C2 resilience requires tough choices to be made… it does not come for free.

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