National Guard at the Capitol: Too Costly

National Guard at the Capitol: Too Costly
(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

Six weeks after the Trump-inspired attack on the Capitol, Washington remains an armed camp.  No fewer than 26,000 National Guard members were deployed to the city by Jan. 20 — that is, within two weeks of the extremist insurrection and in time for President Biden’s inauguration. 

Many of those troops have returned to their home states, but more than 6,000 soldiers and airmen are still on deployment in the nation’s capital. Moreover, the Department of Defense (DOD) has indicated they will remain there until mid-March. The cost of the operation could amount to $483 million, plus additional funds to pay for the troops’ hotel rooms. It is a sum roughly equivalent to the cost of four F-35 fighters or a Littoral Combat Ship.

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