First F-35C Air Wing Ready for Carrier Strike Group

As the Navy approaches the first-ever deployment of its advanced carrier air wing – with the fifth-generation F-35C Joint Strike Fighter paired with the CMV-22B Osprey to serve as the carrier onboard delivery plane – leadership from USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) and Carrier Air Wing 2 say they’ve ironed out many integration issues between the ship and the two new aircraft types and are ready for a final exercise this summer to prove they can deploy.

CVW-2 is wrapping up its advanced training at Naval Air Station Fallon in Nevada, honing the way the F-35C will interact with other aircraft types and use its new sensors and computing power to elevate the performance of the entire air wing, the deputy commander told USNI News in a recent interview. This air wing-only training event comes after a Tailored Ship’s Training Availability and Group Sail in February and March that got entire strike group together for the first time, allowing the air wing to operate from the carrier and coordinate with surface combatants to conduct missions.

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