The Wages of Over 75 Years of Peace at Sea

In the years since the end of WWII, though this nation has fought wars medium and small, with the exception of striking a mine here, a flight of hostile aircraft there, an occasional ASCM, and even a ship or two that decided to challenge the leviathan, the United States Navy has forgotten most of what it has forgotten about sustained war at sea; how to take a hit, fix yourself, and keep fighting.

When we have evolved a system that is more interested in hulls in the water than having some “flex” capacity in the maintenance support system and shipyards – then we will get what we reward. Throw in the Cult of Efficiency that comes after anything it sees as excess, then it is no shock the backlogs of dry dock time and maintenance we see from the submarine to the surface community.

If we can’t do scheduled maintenance in relative peace, then how will we do war damage repair in a timely manner in war – a real naval war that goes on for years?

It appears we won’t.

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