AC-208: America’s Cessna That Shoots Hellfire Missiles

The U.S. military leads the world in stealth aviation technology, but not every fight requires a fast-moving, radar defeating fighter; sometimes all it takes to win a fight is a good old-fashioned Cessna strapped to the nines with Hellfire missiles.

Cessna may be the most well-known name in civilian aviation, with the Cessna 172 widely recognized as the most successful aircraft in history. There have been more Cessna 172s built than literally any other airplane on earth, and chances are, if you ever take classes to earn your pilot’s license, a fair portion of the hours you log will be in a 172. The aircraft’s sturdy, high-wing design and reliable powertrain coupled with its low cost and availability make it a favorite for flight schools who value its ability to fly multiple times per day with inexperienced pilots.

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