Afghanistan: War is Folly for the Weak on Wisdom and Will

The results of the South Asia war games over the last several decades became apparent last month.  Pakistan and its Taliban creation won.  China and Russia tied for second place.  Iran came in third.  America quit.  The Afghans suffered most, and lost. Embarking on wars without knowing who your genuine enemies are and without understanding what the sine qua non for the defeat of those enemies might be, is reckless, malfeasant, and negligent in massive ways.  It is the height of folly.  If senior leaders make decisions to go to war without discussion and without arguments; if they emphasize action and revenge absent analysis and rationality; if they attend to the tactics and violence without thinking through an end to a war that links it to a durable peace, they most likely suffer from hubris, self-delusion, and ignorance.  Folly is their fate.  Their soldiers, citizens, and allies are destined to trauma, defeat, and tragedy.

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