MG John Singlaub: The 100-Year-Old Legendary Commando

The U.S. special operations community is packed with legendary commandos who have turned the tide of battles and even campaigns with their heroic actions. From World War Two, when the U.S. special operations community came into being in the form of the Rangers, Marine Raiders, and the men of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), to today’s battlefields in the Middle East and elsewhere, there have been numerous individuals who have distinguished themselves and impacted the evolution of the U.S. special operations community. But even within this elite group of war fighters, some rise to the top.

Major General John Singlaub is one of them. A legend in the U.S. special operations community, Major Gen. Singlaub’s career in special operations and covert action spanned three official conflicts and several other low-intensity (in terms of policy, not danger) ones.

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