GEN Mark Milley Must Go

GEN Mark Milley Must Go
(Olivier Douliery/Pool via AP)

The recent investigations and hearings surrounding the activities of Gen. Mark Milley, including his testimony before the Senate and House Armed Service Committees, make it clear that Gen. Milley must resign or be removed from his office as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  

One of the most inviolate rules of our American republic is that the military of the United States will not participate in the politics of our country.  Since the beginnings of our republic, the U.S. military has been subordinated to civilian authority.  This is how America addresses the simple reality that a coup d’etat is possible only with the initiative or complicity of the military.  History is replete with examples of military take-overs by military leaders who believe only they can protect their country from internal threats. The American military defends our country.  It is also the only institution that can extinguish our republic.

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