CNA Talks: Decade of War



In Episode 8 of CNA Talks, Dr. David Knoll moderates a conversation about a newly released paper, Decade of War: Applying Past Lessons to the Counter-ISIS Campaign. He is joined by the report’s author, Dr. Larry Lewis, and analyst Zack Gold to discuss the rapid adaptation of technology and information operations by non-state armed groups; how legitimate nation states can respond to non-state armed groups which are not bound by truth; and how lessons learned from adversaries can be most effectively integrated into future tactics across the US military.


Dr. David Knoll, host of this episode, is a research analyst at CNA, where he focuses on military innovation, irregular warfare, non-state armed groups, the Middle East and North Africa.

Dr. Larry Lewis is a principal research scientist at CNA whose focus areas include reducing civilian casualties, lethal autonomy, counterterrorism, human rights, arms transfers and security assistance, and IHL compliance. His other areas of expertise include counterinsurgency and high value targeting in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Philippines, Colombia, and elsewhere.

Zack Gold is an associate research analyst at CNA focused on non-state armed groups. He is an expert on Egyptian security, Islamist political and violent organizations, and U.S. policy in the Middle East.

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