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General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker hosted a private event for the non-profit No One Left Behind ( on Capitol Hill, Washington D.C. to show support for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) program. SIVs are local Afghans and Iraqis who served alongside our soldiers, diplomats, and intelligence professionals. For the past 6 years No One Left Behind has been the chief advocate for Special Immigrant Visa applicants (SIVs) / combat translators who served alongside our military, diplomats, and intelligence professionals in Iraq and Afghanistan. The SIV program began in 2007 with only a few visas for Iraqi translators. The Afghan Allies Protection Act is now in its 10th year. Over 12,000 translators and 68,000 family members have resettled throughout the United States, but there are still thousands left behind waiting years for the U.S. State Department to work through their reviews. Meanwhile, the Taliban, ISIS, and other extremist groups purposely target these people with death threats and in some case attacks to deter others from working with the United States. No formal record of translator deaths exists, but unofficial estimates put the number in the thousands. The SIV program is truly a race against time. But getting to the US after years of waiting turns out to be the easy part for these brave men and women. Resettling and re-starting their lives in America brings its own challenges that are in some ways more difficult than the threats they faced in warzones. No One Left Behind is an all-volunteer organization that has been able to assist over 8,000 of our allies with household furniture at no cost, emergency rent, provided dozens of donated cars, and helped find employment, among other efforts. It is key to note that SIVs have many of the same needs as US service members; however, they do not have access to VA resources because technically they are not veterans. That’s where No One Left Behind comes in. We have heard heartbreaking stories of SIVs sleeping under bridges because the publically funded resettlement agency assigned to their case did not meet them at the airport. We, as a country, can and must do better by our allies. As the General and the Ambassador stated: "A great nation honors its commitments to its partners." We strongly agree and ask that you please join us in this mission.

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