F-35, Payload-Utility Capabilities and the Kill Web

F-35, Payload-Utility Capabilities and the Kill Web
U.S. Marine Corps photo by 1stLt Maida Kalic

This article argues that payload utility can be a driver for understanding the future development of combat systems.

To understand Pu with full honor to John Boyd, it can be noted that Observe/Orient (OO) is essentially target acquisition, and Decide/Act (DA) is target engagement.

Thus there is a very simple formula, better and better TA and TE =more effective employment of all payloads available to the battle commander.

It is the process of understanding the huge complexities in such a simple formula that is the challenge.

In this article, I introduce these concepts as a way to understand how to shape and execute the kill web, or the distributed combat learning and engagement force.

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