A Turkish Standoff Missile on the F-35?

A Turkish Standoff Missile on the F-35?
U.S. Air Force photo/TSgt Bennie J. Davis III

A new stand-off missile developed for F-35 joint strike fighters heading to Turkey could end up on U.S. aircraft as well.

Roketsan, an Ankara, Turkey-based weapons manufacturer, has developed the Standoff Missile-JSF, or SOM-J, made specially to fit the F-35's weapon bay, said Ersin Dag, the company's product engineer.

The latest variant of the country's air-to-surface missile has a range of nearly 135 miles, weighs approximately 1,333 pounds and includes multiple guidance systems, including GPS, an imaging infrared seeker and automatic target acquisition, according to the company. It features a semi-armor piercing warhead and can be used to target ships, surface-to-air missile sites, strategic assets and exposed warcraft.

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