At the Dawn of Special Operations

The Incredible Military Career of Lucien Stervinou

There's a forested canyon above the town of Quimper in northwest France called les Gorge du Stangala.  Drained by the Odet river, it's known locally for its wild beauty and tranquility.  In World War II, while training with the British Special Air Service in Scotland, the name was adopted as the nom de guerre of a French resistance fighter and special operations warrior named Lucien Stervinou. 

Over the course of six years, from 1940-1946, Stervinou fought behind enemy lines in Europe and Indochina.  He earned both the Croix de Guerre and France's highest military award, the Legion d'Honneur.  His story is the story of western special operations at the dawn of the modern age of irregular warfare.    

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