Elliot Ackerman on the Withdrawal from Afghanistan


Today on the RealClearDefense podcast, "Hot Wash," host John Sorensen and RealClearDefense Editor David Craig speak with Elliot Ackerman: retired Marine, journalist, and novelist, most recently co-author with Ret. Admiral James Stavridas of “2034: A Novel of the Next World War”. Elliot served eight years as a Marine in both the infantry and special operations, including multiple tours in Afghanistan. He is also as a graduate of the Fletcher School of Diplomacy. He brings a unique perspective to both the experience of combat on the ground in Afghanistan, as well as the strategic issues surrounding America’s use of force in the world. Our discussion looks at common misconceptions about the nature of the war in Afghanistan and the people fighting it, as well as an attempt to make sense of the catastrophic collapse in the wake of the US withdrawal.

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